GMG ColorServer

Workflow Integration

The following ZIP-archives contain all necessary information and tools for implementing GMG ColorServer Suite 4 into your workflow environment.

Agfa Apogee X

ziplogo GMG ColorServer ApogeeX Integration

(Size: 538.41 KB | Date: 5 July 2013)

Enfocus Switch

ziplogo GMG ColorServer Enfocus Switch integration

(Size: 7.51 MB | Date: 28 February 2012)

Kodak Prinergy

ziplogo Using GMG InkOptimizer with Prinergy 4 ruleset

(Size: 1.36 MB | Date: 29 February 2012)

Drag and drop workflow

You can convert any file easily from any Mac or PC. Just drag a file onto a conversion icon. The file will be converted and the original file will be replaced with the new one. Processing information can be send via email. This workflow requires GMG FlowConnect.
Note: This is an example workflow. It can be customized to your needs on project base.


(Size: 228.00 KB | Date: 30 January 2012)